About This Project

Nicolas Mocan



34, rue du colonel Pierre Avia

75015, Paris, France

tél: 00 33 6 72 53 58 16



Born 14 04 1958, Tirnaveni Romania


Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania, graduating 1983

Works in the field of graphic art, painting, photograph, sculpture.

Lives and works in Paris France.

W meant to sculpture the characters in particular ways.

The archetypal reflections of femininity are conceived here as apparitions from the realm of dreams and fantasy, as enigmas and unanswerable questions.

Conceived as a cocoon sheltering or enfolding these appearances, the setting is intruded by hypothetical architectural constructions.

His works are a continuous search in a universe of images rendering an atmosphere of chiaroscuro in which the light is meant to sculpture the characters in particular ways.

The tenderness of an ancestral feeling is hidden in the coldness of stone, while the epidermal heat is covered by an impenetrable remoteness.



Recent exhibitions:



2020   Salon Comparaisons, Grand Palais, Paris


2019  Salon Comparaisons, Grand Palais, Paris

Salon UAP St. Denis

63e Salon des Arts, Taverny


2016   European Art Gallery, Bucarest, Roumanie

Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg

Salon d’Automne, Paris

60e Salon des Arts, Taverny


2015   Salon Figuration Critique, Paris

59e Salon des Arts, Taverny, France


2014   Salon d’automne, Paris, France

Salon „Figuration Critique”, Paris France

Artavita, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

International ARC Salon, New Jersey, USA

SFR Arles Photographie

Leica Oskar Barnack Award, (participation)


2013   L’Art selon… Gallery, Bernay, France

Parallax Art Fair, London, United Kingdom

Smithsonian  photo contest, USA, (participation)


2012   International Photo Contest Photoviews, (participation)

Contest Prix Gustave Camus, Brussels, Belgium, (participation)

European Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Smithsonian  photo contest, USA, (participation)

MAIF Sculpture Prize, Paris, (participation)


2011   MAP Toulouse

SFR Lille 3000 Photographie

SFR Arles Photographie

Lumix Award, Paris, (participation)

Artshopping, Caroussel du Louvre, Paris

Trophée Alain Godon, Touquet, (participation)

International Exhibition of Digital Print, Ottawa, Canada

Exposition collective, Ebeltoft, Denmark

3rd Ward Open Call, New York, USA



2010   Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, New York, USA, (participation)

Collective Exhibition, Ebeltoft, Dannemark

Leonardo Gallery, Paris

4e Biennale Faerie, Arlon, Belgique

Grand E’terna Gallery, Paris

Leonardo Gallery, Paris

Time Gallery, Vienna, Austria

Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Los Angeles, USA

Miniature Biennale, Czestochowa, Pologne

Painting Exhibition, St Pölten, Autriche

Artrom Gallery, Rome, Italie

Art Interview Competition, Berlin, Allemagne, (participation)

Salon des artistes du XVe, Paris

Nikon Photo Contest International, Japon, (participation)

PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris, (participation)

Astarté Gallery, Paris


2007   Photography Contest HSBC, Paris, (participation)

Collective Painting Exhibition, Provins, France

Painting Exhibition, Riedlingen, Germany

Barna Gallery, Barcelone, Spain

Astarté Gallery, Paris, France

MDH Gallery, New York, USA


2006   Leitner Gallery, Paris, France

MDH Gallery, New York, USA

Salon du Nu, Paris, France

Contemporary Art Museum, Arad, Romania

Painting Symposium, Pöchlarn, Austria


2005   Modus Gallery, Paris, France

Personal Exhibition, Aurora Gallery, New York, U.S.A.


2004   Contemporary Art Fair, Istambul, Turkey

White Elephant Gallery, Paris

Schemès Gallery, Lille, France

Lorelei Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium

Revel Gallery New York – U.S.A.


2003   S. E. Feinman Gallery, New York, U.S.A.


2002   Zafira Gallery, Paris

Whimsy Blue Gallery, New York, U.S.A.


2001   Personal exhibition, Aarhus Danemark

D.M. Gallery, personal exhibition, Paris

Skot Foreman Fine Arts Gallery, Dania Beach, Florida, U.S.A.


2000   Kaleidoscope Gallery, Mission Viejo, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

International Center of Fantastic Art, Gruyère, Switzerland

Painting exhibition, Reggio Emilia, Italy



His works are in private or state collections from different countries such as: France, Canada, Finland, Poland, Romania, Israel, England, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Spain.

Reproductions of his works and more informations can be found in the catalogues of the exhibitions where he took part and in art magazines as French « Art actualités magazine », or Japanese « Idea » or on many Internet web sites